AMC Groundworks SW Ltd is a small select company supplying good quality, experienced men to the construction industry. We have over thirty years of experience in sourcing and supplying skilled & reliable tradesmen. Unlike other agencies, there are no umbrella companies involved, you will be paid directly by us. We are always looking to find tradesmen within the construction industry, get in touch with us today by filling out our registration form.

AMC Groundworks SW Ltd started back in the early nineties where we had a few gangs lying Eurobell ducts in the city of Plymouth. After that, I worked and supplied men on various sites around Devon and Cornwall, including the large Park & Ride at Roborough, in Plymouth.

In 2012 I ventured further afield and was involved in a large superstore near Swindon. Afterwards, in 2013, I was involved in and supplied men on a large Gabion basket wall on the Jaguar/Landrover site in Wolverhampton.

Also, in that year, I was involved in a Ha-Ha in Petersfield on a £20 million project, building a very large house with Gabions for the garden wall.

After this, I travelled all over the country on projects as far afield as York, Tunbridge Wells, Birmingham, Newbury etc.